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tree1Crown reduction

At Swift Tree Surgery we pride ourselves in listening to our customers requirements and achieving what’s best for the tree.

Crown reduction is the reduction in the overall height and spread of the tree canopy. When reducing a trees crown it is normally described in a percentage of reduction, 10% 20% 30% etc.

Crown reduction also includes the additional arboricultural practices, for example:

Crown thinning: Maintaining the crown size whilst removing by careful selection foliage within the crown, this is also quantified by percentages.

Crown lifting: Raising the crown to allow more light to ground vegetation below the tree, allowing head room for pedestrians, traffic etc or balancing the trees crown.

tree2Pollarding a tree is a way of controlling the size of a canopy on specific species of trees. This also can be used to control the possibility of subsidence. We recommend a re-pollarding programme there after.

Pollarding is commonly used on ornamental trees to create visual effect in a carefully landscaped park or garden and to control the size and shape of parkland and street trees.

tree3Tree removal / felling

There are times when no other options are available other than to remove the tree. At Swift Tree Surgery we always consider the most efficient and careful way of removing a tree. This might include lowering all the timber using weight bearing certified equipment to protect buildings, ground cover, driveways etc. or a straight sectional fell if appropriate.

Wherever possible we recommend that a suitable replacement tree should be planted. Sometimes the tree may be dead, dangerous or diseased, at Swift Tree Surgery we can react to EMERGENCY CALL-OUTS on: 07802 480881.

tree4Stump Grinding

Once we have removed the tree we can grind the stump bowl out to enable the replacement of a new tree or shrub, or just leave to reseed with grass. We can also remove old or unwanted tree stumps leaving the effect that no tree/shrub has ever been there.

tree5Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is an important part of our business; we can offer a solution to all hedges big or small. We can make sure your hedge is well maintained throughout the year and recommend the best times to trim it.

tree6Tree planting

When planting a tree it is important the right tree is planted that suit your requirements and garden conditions. We will collect and plant your tree or hedging plants making sure it includes preparation of the planting site. We will also use the correct soil and planting medium to ensure that the tree(s) or hedge will have the best possible start.